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These Various Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Health

Besides making it easier to communicate with people from other countries or parts of the world, learning a foreign language is also beneficial for health. One of these benefits is to make the brain healthy overall. Come on, find out more benefits. The benefits of learning a foreign language for the brain are practically similar to the benefits of exercise for the body. Sports diligent body will be healthier and avoid various diseases, right? Likewise your brain. Understanding a variety of speech tones, words, and even different thought patterns from various languages can make him smart as well as youthful. See the Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages ​​for the Brain Learning a foreign language can have the following positive effects: Improve the effectiveness of brain performance Cognitive ability or brain performance will be more effective when learning a foreign language, because language is a good form of brain stimulation. Learning it makes you remember and understand var
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Emergency Conditions in Diabetes and Symptoms

An emergency condition in diabetes can occur when blood sugar levels drop too low or rise too high from their normal limits. This risks causing serious health problems, coma, and even death. Therefore, emergency signs and symptoms in diabetes are important to recognize. When a person consumes carbohydrate foods, the digestive tract will break down these carbohydrates into smaller sugar molecules, known as glucose. Glucose is then absorbed into the cells of the body with the help of insulin, to be used as a source of energy. When the amount of insulin is too low or abnormalities occur in cells that make it difficult to use insulin, then the glucose level in the blood increases. Over time, this condition can cause diabetes. Symptoms of Emergency Conditions in Diabetes Diabetics need to recognize the signs and symptoms of an emergency condition in diabetes. Because if ignored and left without help, this condition can cause coma, permanent brain damage, or even death. The following a

Amankah Menyusui Saat Bunda Flu

When the flu, Mother may hesitate to breastfeed for fear that your child will be infected. Even though the right way, babies can still get breast milk safely. Breastfeeding during the flu can make the baby get antibodies from the mother's body to fight the flu. It's just that if not done in the right way, this can increase the risk of babies having the flu. Come on Mother, find out how to breastfeed right when the flu. Tips for Safe Breastfeeding During the Flu So that breastfeeding can have a positive impact on the baby, there are several things you can do, namely: Wash your hands regularly The first thing you need to do is wash your hands before and after breastfeeding. You can wash your hands with warm water and soap. In addition to routine hand washing, Mother can also clean the breasts with soap and warm water before breastfeeding. Use a mask Using a mask when breastfeeding is useful to reduce the risk of spreading the virus that causes the disease. Try no